4-6 week learning opportunities for your faith

Fusion Session 3 - Begins week of May 5


Dream House: Building a Happy and Healthy Home: Cost $10

Many parents begin raising their children without the necessary blueprints or tools to build a healthy and happy home. As a result, their homes are unstable and unhealthy, resulting in frustration and despair. Dream House Fusion Class will provide blueprints of biblical truths and practical insights that will help parents construct a Dream House of Their own.

Dream House will take you on a room-to-room tour, beginning in the kitchen and ending in the garage. Each room represents either a life stage in the life of your child or a set of principles to prepare your children for success in life.


Faith Foundations

I had this moment where I said "yes" to Jesus, but that was ten years ago and I'm not really sure how this God/Jesus/me thing is supposed to work. Whether you started following Jesus years ago or recently began your journey, this class will help you. In this 6 week class we will explore how "Jesus in my day to day life" actually works, look at some of the tools God gave us to navigate this crazy world and what it will all look like years down the road. This of it as a roadmap with some very cool attractions we will highlight along the way.


Ongoing Classes, Bible Studies and Support Groups