GracePoint Covid Statement

Response to COVID-19 State Restrictions in Worship / November 16, 2020

Ever since COVID started in March 2020, one of our highest concerns

as Elders of GracePoint Church has been the health and well-being

of our church family and our local community. This is why our July 26th

re-gathering plan encouraged attendees to maintain 6 feet distancing, wear masks, and avoid physical contact such as handshaking and hugging along with other safety measures. 

On August 10th, the Washington State Governor's Office handed down additional requirements for church services. Among these mandates were: 1) No more than one singer and one instrumentalist may lead in worship at any one time, 2) all vocalists on stage must wear masks, and 3) the teaching pastor must wear a mask while preaching. 

After much deliberation and prayer, the Elders of GracePoint Church determined that the State had overstepped its jurisdiction

by mandating these restrictions on how we choose to lead, worship

and teach God's word. Therefore, we chose to not adhere to these new requirements as they hinder our primary purposes for gathering

as a church. 

Then, on November 15th, the Washington State Governor’s Office gave additional requirements for church services: 

• No choir, band, or ensemble shall perform during the service

• No congregational singing

After much deliberation and prayer, our GracePoint Elders 100% agreed that our State officials have once again overstepped their jurisdiction by mandating these additional requirements regarding worship.

All throughout scripture, God commands us to worship Him both corporately and individually. (Psalm 95:1-6, Matthew 4:10, Colossians 3:16, Hebrews 13:15) Therefore, GracePoint Church will continue to conduct our worship services as we have been doing.

With a spirit of continuing to provide for the health and well-being of our church and community, we are committed to respecting and praying for our governing authorities as well as respecting and honoring the founder and head of our Church, Jesus Christ. 


The GracePoint Church Elder Board