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March 01, 2020


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Your Story Matters 

Mark 5:25-34

March 01, 2020

TJ McConahay, Youth Pastor

Barry Bandara, Lead Pastor

Today’s message (MARK 5:25-34) is about a woman who found healing from Jesus. Like the woman who was sick, we all need healing/freedom from something we’re struggling with. Fill in the spaces below to make this Bible story tell your personal testimony. 

25 A person named _________________________ had been struggling with ________________

     (your name)      (your personal struggle)

for ___________________ years. 


26 He/she had suffered a great deal because of ________________________________ and had 

   (negative effect of your struggle)

spent ____________________________________ trying to overcome it. Instead of getting  

    (name a resource: money, time, energy, etc.)

better, it grew worse. 

27 When ______________________ met Jesus, he/she  _________________________

             (your name)   (action or emotion you experienced)

28 and then thought, 


 (something you thought when you heard about Jesus)

29 Then _____________________ experienced freedom from 


   (what was holding you down?)